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AVACAS’ mission is to provide high-quality ICT Advisory Services enabling its Customers to generate value of their ICT systems leading to entrepreneurial growth in the course of the Digital Transformation new era.

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Who We Are

AVACAS’ mission is to provide high-quality ICT Advisory Services enabling its Customers to generate value of their ICT systems leading to entrepreneurial growth in the course of the Digital Transformation new era. AVACAS relies on its exceptional consultants in order to deliver premium and of exceptional quality deliverables.

AVACAS provides results-oriented high-level services cross-industry.

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Why Us

AVACAS relies on the fact that ICT constitutes the central enabler for growth and that Digital transformation is the unique way for businesses to thrive.

The differentiation of our services contribute to the best understanding of how ICT Solutions and Systems must be developed, incorporated and integrated to create business value.

AVACAS advises for the successful design and development of vertical solutions.

Our strength lies at our complete understanding of the special needs, as well as of the particular functional requirements and trends for every specific market where to our customers are engaged doing business.

Therefore, AVACAS successfully leads the overall lifecycle for the final delivery of ICT systems that contribute to our customers in achieving sustainable outcomes.

AVACAS has been adopting state-of-the-art processes thus concurrently reaching the main objectives for innovation, ergonomics, fast and accurate parameterization and continuous upgrading for every project.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition considers and encompasses:

ICT Systems Advisory Services via Revenue Generation

Successful revenue generation increase is the cornerstone of Business Growth and requires effective and sustainable sales lifecycle projects. AVACAS ‘s methodology is to deploy the best solutions, regardless of complexity, and make sales lifecycle simpler, fit to every local conditions and market’s particular attitude, provision of real time market’s insights, and prompt reviews of strategy into action.

ICT Systems Advisory Services via Strategic thinking

ICT Systems Advisory Services forms part of a mandatory umbrella phase for applying actual plans in the real market producing economies of scale without ignoring the actual opportunities to gain further competitive advantage. Cost reduction is the primary factor, while further growth is the real objective.

ICT Systems Advisory Services via a Strict Approach

In reality, our positioning and projects succeed by meticulous design along specific dimensions that render the actual methodology steps of a rational and realistic process both implementable and profitable: proper sizing, foundation of the project’s factors, selecting the right partners, mutual aligning to the process milestones, and continuous monitoring.

The primary strategic drivers must focus on the right transformational approach leading to fast and solid results.
The motto of AVACAS Advisory services on ICT Systems comprises: Revenue Generation - Strategic Thinking - Strict Approach

What We Do

Business Growth

AVACAS continuously commits to sustainable development. Our advisory actions aim at achieving Excellence. Hence, we direct all our efforts to become the best by advising on innovative solutions that offer added-value to our customers, thus making the most out of functional flexibility, as well as fast return of investment (ROI). We at AVACAS, encourage the creative spirit of our staff by cultivating the best working conditions dictated by justice and mutual respect.

We believe in our dynamic growth model focusing on:

  • Embracing our staff members who generate value and lead the growth of our company,
  • Aiming at using the best of outcomes from research and development (R&D) that enforces our competitive advantage, enabling to translate the current market requirements, while further exploring innovative technologies, in order to forecast the mid-term opportunities for the timely positioning of AVACAS.
  • Investing to strategic partnerships with leading enterprises in their business domain pondering on the incoming value for further development of AVACAS, as well as to the continuous improvement at both the level of advisory excellence our company provides,
  • We abide by our customers’ aspirations cultivating long-term relationships based on trust, our business values, our ethical code, as well as our excellent staff.

Tailor-Made ICT Advisory Services

AVACAS is dedicated to delivering viable and flexible ICT Solutions’ Services that meet the evolving needs of business needs and keep pace with technology advances.

Project Management Services: Proper Planning, Management and continuous Monitoring Services for every ICT Project abiding by the standards of established methodologies like PMP or PRINCE2.

Corporate & Strategic Planning Services: Comprehensive ICT Strategic Planning Services aiming at the total control of the ICT Lifecycle.

Training Services: Provision of tailor-made ICT training services. We always address specific needs thus ensuring that trainees acquire the right know-how and professional readiness to carry out their job. Offering group or one-to-one sessions on demand.

Indicative ICT Solutions areas where our Services engage:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence, and BigData insight analytics
  • Network Management and Security Services
  • Cloud Computing Consultancy Service
  • Business Continuity Services

How We Do It

Smart Management

Adoption of Agile Methodologies and Tactical control for Services’ cost minimization

Every Customer undoubtedly possesses the resources to apply development. We at AVACAS, however, convey the overall lifecycle development from the Advisory point of view in order ICT Systems are positioned to best fit the entrepreneurial needs and provide the right ROI.

Alignment to every Customer’s Corporate Policies

Every Customer’s strategic plan is unique and AVACAS streamlines all its advisory services to uncover the areas where clear decisions may give the opportunity that ICT Systems will create the required value for business purposes, while they may smoothly and timely be adopted by the users.


Cultural factors are critically important. AVACAS considers its involvement to every project as being within the Customer’s structural and operational environment. Therefore we may early realize the fundamental drivers and barriers of cultural nature and embody them to our advisory services gamut making them an undivided ingredient of the overall set of deliverables. This is a one of the most difficult problems to encounter, resolve and make it profitable.

Service Level Agreement

At the very core of AVACAS philosophy leading to the company’s successful path, one may observe our staff’s creative spirit, as well as the focus on the overall Quality of final purpose: ICT systems that best-fit and work!

Our company invests on its staff by recruiting professionals who are highly-educated and possess sound specialization in their area of expertise. Our staff capitalizes the most out of their know-how and capable to lead, assist and support our customers, in order them to increase their performance and achieve financial prosperity. Having delivered a vast set of different solutions for large enterprises and organizations, AVACAS has acquired multi-faceted readiness and crucial know-how enabling our company to carry out problem-solving cases with high degree of complexity by using cutting-edge technologies.

AVACAS provides a wide gamut of supporting services organized at different levels directly related to its mainstream processes. AVACAS designs those services under every Customer’s specific needs in terms of:

  • scope
  • level of complexity
  • response time
  • agreed outcomes

The support services’ specifications per project case are recorded in a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Corporate Social Responsibility


AVACAS has been fully committed to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility policy which includes activities that directly advance social goals. Based on AVACAS’s corporate values and strategic objectives to the personal involvement of our people and, in general, activating wider social groups to actions during business daily practices, in order to manifest who we are, what we do and in which way we may meet our CSR vision "to transform a complex ICT Systems Advisory Services industry making it simple, humane, accessible and exciting".

Our social participation extends to the indicative following areas:


Creating positive impact on society, and an important part of this ambition is to reduce AVACAS’s environmental impact. Addressing climate change by reducing emissions through improving energy efficiency, planning to source and use resources responsibly and improving waste management, ensuring the slowdown of resources and materials’ consumption at a faster rate than they are regenerated, so that future generations can also benefit from the same variety of resources and materials that current generation has access to. AVACAS has established a paperless office and a practice of recycling of batteries, computers, cell phones and spare parts as well as paper, while our energy policy includes monitoring the use of physical resources.

Equal Opportunities

Caring for equal employment and career opportunities for both men and women in our business environment, we have achieved of a good percentage of women's representation in all management areas. AVACAS strives during daily work to uphold the highest ethical business standards and business practices, with respect for human and labour rights, while doing everything possible to promote and protect employees’ well-being and safety. AVACAS we will never sacrifice its principles for the sake of short-term profit.


We, in AVACAS, encourage the creative spirit of our staff, fostering better working conditions dictated by the spirit of justice and mutual respect. The company is based on the appreciation of our staff’s efforts, the rewarding of our executives’ commitment and talent, as well as the building up of long-term relations with our people.

Employment in AVACAS: If you are interested in working at AVACAS, send your CV to [email protected], quoting reference code for which you are interested. For all CVs full confidentially is ascertained.

Visit frequently AVACAS’s site to check for any new job openings.

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